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for competitive survival of electric motor in the martket

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Off the shelf, motors are not always a choice for many growing innovative applications ranging from robotics to extreme environments

Inspired by Nature’s Law

"Charles Darwin who noted the difference of bird’s beaks from island to island based on nature of food available to those birds to make them survive"

Very similarly different application environment necessitates the need for the unique design of electric motor which is special in many cases. Modifying the standard motors is not very useful in terms of performance metrics except for cost. When it comes to mass production that unique design makes a substantial difference in the reliability and life of electric motors

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Understanding the detailed specification and design nature different prototyping methodologies are adopted in terms of cutting the lamination either by laser or EDM process or the need for metal stamping die. The performance metrics on torque, efficiency can substantially impact due to the manufacturing process adopted even during prototyping.

The magnetic material adopted may even demand heat treatment and annealing after stacking to achieve the desired magnetic properties. The shafts are machined to the desired precision tested for dynamic balancing at higher speeds. The slot liners are inserted and before copper coils are hand winded.

Sometimes frame of motor has a lot to impact with respect to thermal dissipation capacity and protection from different environmental conditions. The thermal limit of the motor dictates the torque-speed envelope and hence power density/torque density is limited.  Hence each component of the electric motor has to be focused at when designing custom made motor for special environments.


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A lot of CAD/CAM software tools facilitate the speed of analysing the motor models are in the market. There is a lot of scope for the frugal innovation even for the commercially available industrial motor on the aspects of reduced cost and performance metrics. Our company offers support on a wide range of applications and environments on motor/generator design, frugal innovations, fault diagnosis, and manufacturing support for low volume production. The winding process may be automated for higher volume using advanced machinery.

We have a full-fledged manufacturing facility from 200W to 60kW standard and customized motors.

Our In House Design, Testing and Manufacturing facilities provide complete end to end solutions for electric motor development at one place.

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It is designed to emphasize the choice of electrical machines such as Brushless PM motors with Surface mounted and Interior Permanent Magnet rotor, Synchronous reluctance & Induction motor and it’s characteristics to be used for traction applications.

This kits will emphasize the performance metrics such as Torque density, efficiency, weight, Power density aspects on the choice of electrical machines

  • Importance of saliency on Interior Permanent Magnet motor and Surface Mounted motor will be emphasized

  • Best efficiency operating points of all this motor will be compared relatively

  • Torque vs. Speed envelope and it’s characteristics will be relatively compared

  • Synchronous Reluctance motor with NdFeB and Ferrite assisted will be compared


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